Male Art Model

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Jason folded body April 20 2011
Art Model

Need an art model?
I’m your man.

I am available to be an art model for classes, groups and individuals.

I’ve worked with a wide range of people, from young budding artists to artists on the fringe.

I am experienced, dependable, creative, flexible and interesting.

Check out my art model qualifications, experience and pictures on the pages of this website.

I have experience posing with other models, female and male. I can either pose with a model you have or I can refer ones I know.

My standard rate for posing for life drawing, painting or sculpture is $20/hour.
Photography rate $50/hour.
If money is a factor, I’ll consider trades

References furnished upon request.


phone: 816.210.4778

befriend me on Facebook: Kent Art Model

Rodger Kent Van Dusseldorp

Let me be your art muse.

KC Star Jim Barcus photographer in chair 100dpi2
Spencer Shubert sculpture Kent with letter sideview

Other things I do that you might be interested in:

for Graphic Design click here

for Massage click here

for Art/photography


sculpture by E. Spencer Schubert:

Kent with Spencer Shubert sculpture of Kent

Other places you’ll find me:

Facebook Kent ArtModel


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