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Rodger Kent Van Dusseldorp biography
I was born in Pella, Iowa, April 21, 1954. My Grandfather immigrated from Holland. I’m hoping that I inherited some of the talent of the famous Dutch artists.
I went to college at Truman State University and graduated in 1976 with a business degree. I worked in the corporate world from 1976 to 1998. In March 1998, I left the corporate world to become a self employed graphic designer and nurture the right side of my brain.
I have been doing some form of art as long as I can remember. My first expression of art (post coloring books) was photography and it remains the one consistent expression of my art. In high school, I took a year of art that touched on a variety of mediums from carving wood to oil painting. Oil painting was the one that caught my interest and until I graduated from college, I would occasionally do a painting.
The most frequent subject of my art is nature. I grew up on a farm and consequently my formative years were in the midst of nature . . . from insects to animals to plants. I am ever attracted to the beauty and wonder of nature.
I believe the human body is beautiful and a wondrous vessel for our spirit. One of my goals during this life is to alter people’s perspective of the naked human body . . . that a naked (au naturel) body is a vision of beauty, no matter what size or shape or color or age or gender.
I don’t understand how people can get so upset about seeing a woman’s breast or a man’s penis and watch TV shows and movies that have such extreme violence. Given the choice of seeing violence or nudity, I’ll choose nudity. We all have bodies . . . why should the naked body not be a part of our art?

In 2006 I started working as a life drawing model. I had turned 50 and was looking for something to challenge me . . . posing nude in front of a group of strangers was something I wasn’t comfortable doing. Now, several years later, I’m still modeling and when colleges are in session, I pose 20 to 40 hours a week.
Besides being drawn or painted by hundreds of artists, some of my art model career highlights are:
My image used for a series of sculptures by E. Spencer Schubert
My image used for paintings by Richard Corben, cartoonist.
Photograph and story on front page of KC Star FYI section of newspaper
Interviewed for KCUR Public Radio show October 2011
Live interview on KCUR Up To Date, June 2012

In April 2007  I started going to night school to become a licensed massage therapist. In August 2008 I graduated and in December 2008 I passed the test to become certified in Missouri. Since then I have been giving massages when I’m not modeling.

I started to draw the human figure the summer of 2009. I’d always wanted to draw, but never felt I had the skills to be very good at it. After modeling an average of 20 hours a week for life drawing classes for 4 years, I absorbed a lot from listening to a variety of teachers. So, I decided to give it a try and dove in. Now almost 3 years later, I’m starting to find some sense of accomplishment in my drawings. I tend to like abstract art more than realism. Part of this may be because I’m a photographer and if I want to do realistic art  I’ll take a picture.
I know my art will not be liked by everyone – if it was, I’d not be doing my true art.
•Got Art Gallery, group show, 2 nature photographs, May 28 to June 3, 2009
•Red Door Studios, group show, 2 nude photographs, February 2010
•Dunn Brothers, group show, 2 nature photographs, June 2010
•VALA Gallery, Au Naturel Art by Kent, photographs and life drawings, July 2011
•The Late Show, group show, 5 nude male pastel drawings, August 2011
•The Fringe Festival, group show, 10 nude pastel drawings, July 2012


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