Male Art Model

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Jason folded body April 20 2011

The following are artists and links to their websites . . . ones whose art I admire . . . some who have used my image in their creations . . .

sculptures by
E. Spencer Schubert

Spencer Schubert Avoidance front view

Jim Barcus, photographer

KC Star Jim Barcus photographer in chair 100dpi


Craig A. Subler

Ricky Allman

Charles Stegner

Larry Thomas


Donna Aldridge


John Davis Carroll

John Davis Carroll SLxtkJIS

Drew Orrin-Brown, Photographer

Kent by OBP 108

Bernadette Torres

Daniel W. Coburn

Kent large format picturel

Jim Grinter

Jim Grinter drawing of me oct 2010

Richard Corben

Richard Corben painting of me IMAG018A

Dan Chaffee

Brian Hawkins

Brian Hawkins drawing of my back summer 2010


Rick Wright

Rick Wright tn_480_IMG_0071.JPG

Bob Holloway


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