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Art Model Coaching

If you are interested in becoming an art model, I offer educational/training sessions for $40 that cover the following:

An understanding of modeling for artists, why nude, etc.

What attributes artists look for in a model.

What you need to get started.

What to expect your first time.

Observe a drawing session.

The different venues that use art models.

Coach you on posing, help you practice.

If we both agree this is something you have potential for, I’ll help you get your first modeling gig.

Four easy steps:
1) Informative meeting — How? What? Why? Who?
2) Observe model/session
3) Practice posing with my coaching
4) Model for a life drawing group

$20 due at end of first meeting if you decide you want to proceed. Remaining $20 due at end of your first modeling session.

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